French fries

Has it ever happened to you to walk through the kitchen, when your mother is preparing dinner, "stop" next to a platter overflowing with deliciously looking French fries, and can not resist taking one, just for snacking?

And isn’t it true that sometimes, when we are already tasting them, we find that they are insipid and tasteless...  our mother didn’t put any salt yet!!! I have to admit that too much salt is bad for your health, but food without salt.. it’s not so good. It seams something is missing, don’t you think? It seems that the food has no taste or has a strange taste.

You know that your life can be like tasteless food? Jesus said that we are the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13). This means that we are in this world not only to look like salt, but to BE SALT, to create in others the desire to know Him.

Salt makes the difference in cooking. We must make a difference in this society. We must be an influence where we are, where we study, where we live. In our attitudes and decisions, in big and small things, give flavour to our lives and that of others.

The question is this: am I being salt just inside the salt shaker (that is to say, on Sundays when I go to church), or am I a positive influence anywhere or any day of the week? Am I an insipid person or do I create thirst for Jesus in the people around me?

Think, pray and change... God tells you to make a difference!

Ana Ramalho Rosa